1209 B SE 190th Ave, Portland, OR 97233

Business Hours (PST/PDT):

Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Saturday By Appointment

About Us

Oregon and A to Z Auto Wrecking was founded in 1937, and was originally at 638 SE Clay. In 1982, we moved to our current location at 1209 B SE 190th Ave!

Our 2-acre facility includes a main building with offices, storage, and a dismantling bay. We also have an outdoor dismantling area and numerous outdoor storage facilities. We typically have 200 to 300 vehicles in stock!

4x4 parts available
We are the leading supplier of 4x4 parts in the Northwest!
Foreign and domestic parts
We also offer parts for foreign and domestic models
Full-service salvage yard
As a full-service facility, all parts are pulled and inspected for quality prior to sale
Green and clean recycling facility
We practice progressive automotive recycling: our facility is clean and green!
On-site dismantling
All vehicles are dismantled on-site by our expert staff
Ready auto parts
Many parts are already off and ready to purchase
Shipping and delivery
We ship parts nationwide! We also offer FREE DELIVERY to local repair shops and salvage yards
Differential repairs
We also repair differentials, axles, steering columns, and more!